Avan Ivan Music Review - How Avan Without Yuvan?

The hit pair of the yesteryears, Bala and Yuvan, has been back with this movie Avan Ivan. But unlike the previous Nanda, this combo has taken a new stride towards music as was predominant in Amir’s Paruthiveeran. The music is set to suit the rustic background scores and is keen on the nuances of folklore to the theme. The cast includes Arya and Vishal in the lead role aided by Janani Iyer and Madhu Shalini. The playback voice team comprises Vijay Yesudas, TL Maharajan, Haricharan, Baby Priyanka, Suchitra and Satyan, Vijay Prakash. Na.Muthukumar has penned the entire lyrics in solo performance.

Oru Malaiyoram 

The song depicts the chip of the old block reminiscences of Yuvan’s dad of the past decades. The melody is intensified to pierce our hearts and the lyrics are uttered in adept manner by Vijay Yesudas in combination with Baby Priyanka. Their voice renders the ultimate energy to pour the ultimate melody amidst the cluster of scintillating instruments such as guitars, flutes and outsmarting strings. Yuvan has crafted this song to tap the listeners at the very helm of soul tracing moments. Everything -lyrics, voice rendition and the synchronization – has been mended with deep care and perfection.


Haricharan’s chance to bestow his mellow voice in this solo to express the romance in full swing. Yuvan is really a youth prone through this song and the song is sure to take the young listeners to the dizzy horizons of romance. Yuvan composed this song with different outlook on background score and Na.Muthulumar’s lyrics add charm and life to the song. One may recollect Ilaiyaraja’s famous song from Alaigal Oivathillai, Kathal Oviyam sung by himself and Jensi. The song has the instrumental energy all through the time. Best effort from Yuvan.


The note of philosophy and recitation of livelihood is accurately done from the pen of Na.Muthukumar. Yuvan has captured the sense of deep rooted philosophy in life through the voices of TL Maharajan and Satyan. The song is the folklore rendition of the similar song from Yuvan in Mounam Pesiyathe, Aadatha Aattamellam. The effect of chords for the enhanced uttering of lyrics is best explicated by Yuvan. Hats off to him for constructing such a nice song.

Dia Dia dole

A whole lot of folklore music with the help of Nadhaswaram, Thappattam and Tharai et al makes this song so interesting and is wantonly away from the routine flow of lyrics. The voice of Suchitra gets the individuality and the jig-jag of the intermittent repetitions recap us of advertisement songs, especially commercial jingles. A long sojourn to the new world, but quite interesting.

Mudhal Murai

The separation of the hero from the apple of eye is best rendered by Vijay Prakash, superbly aided by Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics. If anyone still remembers the song from Katrathu Tamil in which Yuvan gave life through his father, Paravaiye Engu Irukkirai then this song belongs to that genre. An entirely fantastic rendition of voice modulation from Vijay Prakash. It is believed that Bala would do his mastery to this song with desired visuals.

What can be said about this album?

The songs of this Avan Ivan promise a lot to the success of the movie and it has been Bala’s style to make the songs hit with his visuals. Yuvan too has not disappointed either Bala or us and it is a creditable performance from him. The penchant for the rural background score is obviously elicited in the songs and Yuvan can lift his head to the heights of fame. It is aimed that the song Oru Malaiyoram will solitarily reach the hearts of millions and pass the test of time.

One more adoration from Yuvan to Bala.


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