Yuvan Shankar Raja - The Music Man on Vettai

The Music Man - Yuvan

I have just done my job. I don't expect anything. I have made songs to suit the situations. Coming after paiyaa, there was some pressure. But Vettai is a fully commercial movie and it was interesting to make songs for this genre. Before the release of the entire album was released a single called Pappa Pappa. Its the first time that I have sung a folksy number. The response to the track was overwhelming. It sort of give us the confidence that we had a good album at hand once more. Not just this one, but I am happy the way Linguswamy has picturised all the songs. I am really happy with the end product. My picks from the Vettai album would be Pappa Pappaa and Kattipudi. Both songs look great on screens as well.

Yuvan's Contribution to Vettai

Paiyaa was a very successful album. The story was such a way that it gave scope for songs. When the hero meets the girl, when they begin the car drive, when she leaves him.. but the story of Vettai is not like that. It's a mass movie and the action moves all such pace. Inserting songs into such a movie is quite risky. If one number slows down the pace, then it's a whole lot of woks to speed it up. So when we began working we were little nervous about that, especially since Paiyaa was such a hit. However, till the audio release we were worried about Paiyaa's Music. But with Vettai, with the amazing response to our single Pappa Pappaa, I know Yuvan has done it again! Every song fits into the screenplay with such ease," lauds the director.

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