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Kazhugu Music Review
This week purely belongs to Yuvan Shankar Raja. Just days after the songs he composed for Pawan Kalyan's 'Panjaa', Vishnuvardhan's maiden film in Telugu, was released amidst much fan fare in Hyderabad (the event was aired live by IndiaGlitz) the music composer had an audio launch in Kollywood, and that is 'Kazhugu', which has Vishnuvardhan's brother Krishna in the lead.

Sony Music has released the music of 'Kazhugu', which is a cocktail of emotions, we must say. Some unique voices (Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Karthik Raja, Krishnaraj etc) have crooned the lines penned by the likes of Na Muthukumar, Snehan and Eknath. Let's take a check on the songs in here...

01 - Aambalaikum Pombalaikum

Singers:  Krishnaraj, Velmurugan, Sathyan
Lyricist:  Snehan

Many things are there between a man and a woman. And this song attempts to track a few. Yuvan's music gives life to the 'dynamic' lyrics of Snehan, with the voices of Krishnaraj, Velmurugan and Sathyan adding more value. A racy folk song, 'Aambalaikum Pombalaikum' makes us tap our foot from the beginning till the end.  This song describes the latest love between a male and a female.  Yuvan's tune in Ilayaraja's style adds life to this song.  

02 - Aathadi Manasudhan

Singers:  Priya
Lyricist:  Na. Muthukumar

What's inside a woman's heart? Well, a billon dollar question which will never see an answer. Listen to this song penned by Na.  Muthukumar and crooned by Priya, which takes us to a world which is as different as the woman's heart. Priya has expressed well the feelings of a 'girl in love' in this Ilayaraja kind of song. Scoring music for a movie based on rural theme, Yuvan Shankar goes the Ilayaraja (his father) way. The song is a touchy melody about adolescent love and has a refreshing music.

03 - Paathagathi Kannupattu

Singers:  Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyricist:  Snehan

The numbers that are sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja always come with a Midas touch. So has 'Paathagathi Kannupattu...', penned by Snehan. The song which starts on a very mild note slowly makes its impact felt in a big way. Yuvan's voice aptly fits well into the shoes of a youth, who has a great admiration for his girl.  A fusion between the folk and classical music, the song oozes with energy all through with a brisk musical score and Snehan's lyrics taking us to the villages.  Yuvan's instrumentation is a major highlight. He knows that earthy folk music doesn't happen just because you change the instruments. It happens by a paradigm shift, by a giant leap of faith. Yuvan has that knack.  This song will top the charts.

04 - Vaadi Vaadi

Singers:  Pushapavanam Kuppusamy, Suvi Suresh, Anita
Lyricist:  Eatnath

Whatte kuthu! Apparently an item number towards the climax, 'Vaadi Vaadi...' sung by Pushapavanam Kuppusamy, the big daddy of folk songs, in the company of Suvi Suresh and Anita is here to stay. Yuvan's electrifying tune and energizing beats do enough magic, with the rest being taken care of by the singers.  It could have been Ilayaraja himself as Yuvan does his father proud as he captures the fervor and flavor of the land. With Eatnath's catchy lyrics describing life in a village, the song is suffused with rural metaphors.  Yuvan deserves a pat for using percussion instruments in a way that they produce a different sound.

05 - Aathadi Manasudhan

Singers:  Karthik Raja
Lyricist:  Na. Muthukumar

Another 'Aathadi Manasudhan...' is here, this time by Karthik Raja. This one is the male version of the feelings expressed by the female voice a couple of songs above. The elder brother of Yuvan marks his presence as a good singer too.  Karthik Raja has the voice which suits the village songs.  This song will create a positive response effect on the listeners.  Yuvan's Simple mesmerizing tune is the major advantage to make this number a top in the chart.  

VERDICT:  The music of 'Kazhugu' flies high, perhaps putting the listener on cloud nine.  The album works on two counts. The first one is obvious: It is different from your everyday rhythm and techno music. The second is this is really music of the land. So it is much more organic and spontaneous.

Kazhugu Music/Audio review, Yuvan Shankar Raja's Kazhugu (Eagle) Movie Music Review


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Aathadi manasudhan by priya himesh is mesmerising & soul touching.!

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