Vaanam Music Review - Yuvan's Musical Treat

We have brought you the first music review of Vaanam single track and now it is up here with the first and exclusive music review of the full track album of Vaanam. The entire album is loaded with stupendous and striking performances by Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja, his team along with the playback singers. Here we go with it...

Evan Di Una Peththan...

Singers: Silambarasan & Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Silambarasan, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan Shankar Raja nearly took more than two months for composing this song. Simbu has sung the song and Yuvan too added his voice for the English part in this song. The song 'Evan Di Una Pethan' keeps us refreshed with its simple and haunting lyrics. No doubt Yuvan has given an exceptional track for Vaanam. The song is also mixed with English lyrics which gives a pleasant feel. In fact the song has raised the expectation level of this movie. Grand start to the album! Rewind or next track?

Cable Raja

Singers: Abhishek & Lawrence
Lyricis: Abhishek & Lawrence

This accented high-voltage Kuthu number will surely make everyone go on high fevers. Cable Raja is the character name of Simbu and this bit song will appear during STR's introduction scene. The titles of Simbu's past and upcoming movies were uttered all through the song including Manmadhan, Vallavan and Vettai Mannan. The track has peppy beats accompanied by catchy lyrics. Both Abhishek & Lawrence has rendered this number with more than a measure of confidence. You will surely go for the rewind!

Who Am I

Singers: Benny Dayal
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Here comes the title song that turns around a youngster who is in search of his own life. The optimism runs high and the hunger to win attitude is clearly symbolized in this number. Bharath will be seen in this number along with his band of boys. The orchestration and the live drums played by V. Kumar are outstandingly brilliant. Benny Dayal sounds different, giving the song that added punch. May take sometime to get on to the charts!  The reason is because the instrumentals sound louder, thereby eclipsing the clarity of lyrics. Perhaps, if the essence of song is perceived clearly by listeners, it’s sure to make its way on top of charts. It sounds like the song is about a character confused to decide between his dreams and outside influences.

No Money No Honey

Singers: Silambarasan, Andrea, Srikanth Deva
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Again comes a fast paced number and the tune will surely catch the imagination of the listeners. No money No Honey itself reveals that it's a pure Kuthu number. The track is pretty interesting piece that tells about the value of money and also how important role it plays in everyone's life. Lyrics wise the song is catchy and easy to hum during the first listen itself. Silambarasan, Andrea and Srikanth Deva have rendered thundering vocals.  The orchestration is outstandingly stunning. Filmed on Silambarasan and Anushka this song appears remarkable when the visuals crop up on big screen. Sure to top charts!


Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

This is the cherry-pick of the album as it establishes the soul of this film. Having worked on the song nearly for three months, Yuvan Shankar Raja has come up with a remarkable performance. Na. Muthukumar has penned the song based on philosophical theme of ‘Where God is? Nowhere but in the hearts of those who repent for their sins’. Sounds like the song will appear during the crucial point of this film. The mild and beautiful chords played on guitar followed by distorted guitar heard during interludes embellish the song. ‘Vaanam’ is one of the best compositions of Yuvan Shankar Raja. The producers should have got this number as single-track album as it would have gained more attraction for the movie.  The song narrates one of the characters who regrets for his mistakes in life. This is very unusual philosophical song which is heart touching and if heard when you're lonely you will surely get the real sense of the song. Vaanam will make its place on top ten chartbuster within short span of time. Surely worth listening more than once!

Final Verdict:

On the whole, the album of Vaanam is a power-packed presentation by Yuvan Shankar Raja. As said by Yuvan he has given his heart and soul for composing the tunes and within first listen itself you will find some uniqueness in the album. Sony BMG adds one more feather to its cap. No doubt, Vaanam's music will rock high all through the year and will the best album of 2011.  ‘Vaanam’ can be regarded as one of the Yuvan’s better composition and it is sure to make high waves now. While ‘Evandi Unna Pethan’, ‘Vaanam’ and ‘Who Am I’ touches the surpassing degrees on different styles, ‘Cable Raja’ and ‘No Money’ caters to the tastes of mass audiences.

Music Label: Venus Music


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