Yuvan's Chat Session With Online Users

Being mesmerized fans of Yuvan Shankar Raja's youthful and soul captivating music ourselves we can't but boast about him, be it his foot tapping number Kadhal Website from Dheena or his hypnotizing songs from Nandha. Be there to ask him personally how his passion for music turned out to be a profession.  

Most of the fan's of Yuvan Shankar Raja asked a lot of question's in the chat session about personal, his career & about the future too.Get into the groove with Yuvan Shankar Raja in the following Celebrity Chat Session.

1   Priyanka: What are your future projects?
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Its Lovers and Popcarn

2   Sameeka: What language you speak sir?
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja: Well I speak English Sameeka.

3   Priyanka:  I heard your Junior Senior songs they are nice
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja: Thanx Priyanka

4   Sameeka:  Where is your native place sir?
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Madhurai

5   Guna:  What was your first movie sir?
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  My first movie was Aravindhan
6   Guna:  What is your Mother tongue?
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Tamil is my mother tongue

7   Guna:  Have you learnt Karnatic music?
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  No i did not learnt karnatic music

8   Priyanka:  Besides being a music director, do u have any plan to to venture in to other parts     of cine industry?
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Yes might produce after some years later,that depends

9   Guna:  Is it true that your first car was BMW?
    Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Yes it's true 

10  Guna:  Which is your favourate song which you have directed?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Well its Idhu Kadhala from Thulluvatho Ilamai

11  Priyanka:  Ideas of acting or any other roles if given a chance?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  I will never do that priyanka

12  Priyanka: What do u think about Singapore and your fans here?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Well singapore is a cool place.

13  Karthik:  What kind of songs do u like to compose?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  I like to compose R&B kind of songs

14  Raja: What's your email id ?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja: It's yuvansha@hotmail.com

15  Priyanka:  Do u choose your movies or are they simply given to u and u accept it?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Well it all depends if i like the storyi will go for it priyanka.

16  Nina:  Where do u normally travel during ur leisure time?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Singapore and London

17  Priyanka:  Do u have msn?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Yes i have msn priyanka  

18  Priyanka: can we add u to ours and will u entertainour questions when u are online?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  yaaa sure Priyanka.

19  cba_simmy:  who brought u the first key board?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  My brother brought my first key board

20  Raja:  Have u been playing cricket lately
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  yeaa Raja

21  Nari_Baba:  Who is your dream lover?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  I dont have any dream lover 

22  cba_simmy:  Who is your best friend Yuvan?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  My best friend is Faizal,he is my schoolmate 

23  Pooja : where did u finish your schooling?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  I did my schooling in St beads.

24  Hemalatha: What is your aim?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  My aim is to be a good composer

25  Syahida:  I like all your music album
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  That's good syahida

26  Priyanka: Do u still compose songs during night times?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja: Yes i do that priyanka

27  Syahida : How is your brother and sister?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Yea they are fine

28  Raja: What happened to Illayaraja ,his market is going down?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  I dont think so Raja,Kasi was a smatch hit didn't u know that

29  Peace_maker:  At whaty time do u compose ur songs ?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Mostly during night time

30  Peace_Maker : How long it will take to compose a song Yuvan?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  it might take ages or even minutes peace.

31  Priyanka: Are u continuing ur studies while working ?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Nope priyanka

32  Syahida:  With whom will u come to Malaysia?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Well i might come with my family or alone.

33  Raja:  Could i join ur music group?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  well if u are interested.

34  Priyanka:  Do u get freetime often?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Yes during week end s priyanka.

35  Priyanka: Will urs be a love marriage or an arrange marriage?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja: It will be a love marriage

36  Raja: happy Tamil new year yuvan
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  happy tamil new year to u raja

37  Priyanka:  Who's ur best friend in the industry?
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja: I dont have any close friends.

38  Priyanka:  Take care and all the best for ur future plans including ur love marriabe also.
      Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Thanx priyanka

39  Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Bye bye 

40  Yuvan_Shankar_Raja:  Oh thanx C Ya.


Anonymous said...


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Leoemmanuvel P said...

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dts rameish said...

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dts rameish said...

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Guna said...

Sir, I need full song of "Ithu Enna Maatram" from 7G Rainbow Colony movie without any disturbed voice....Can you share it to me?

shahul hameed said...

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shahul hameed said...

ungalukkaga naan paadalgal vaithu irukkirean atharku uire koduthu uthavungal


hi yuvan i am really so proud became your big fan...my dream is i want to see you ..i dont know when can i get chance..but i hope i ll see you soon

Ashiqu Manoj said...

Hy Mah Soul Brw...Hw R yuh???...
I'm U1 Veriyan!
So yuh Lucky Baby woz vry Cute Brw...
Lubewwwwwww & May God Bls yuh!

Manoj Smart said...

My Everything...My God...My World
@Yuvan Veriyan : Manoj

jaysiva said...

Hello Brother am ur die hard fan from Singapore I want to meet u nd just take a snap with u

Jayanthi Swami said...


Unknown said...
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eswaran gs said...

Hi bro Iam GS Eswaran,enaku lirics eluthurathuna rompa pidikkum,oru voippu kidaikkuma

eswaran gs said...

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Unknown said...

Hi sir

Deepak said...

Sir I am a great addict of u1 music.. From thulluvadho illamai to semma bodhai agadhey theme... Wish u live long..and happie and I wanna meet u1 atlest one time ..wht I should do

Mohamed Nafees said...

I need u urgent help for my family. Pl sent me ur email address sir.

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