Interview with Yuvan Shankar Raja: Moving to the beat | Yuvan Shankar Raja Music Director interview

This offspring of a music prodigy is one himself and it wouldn't require more than that to guess who he is, he mesmerized us with his youthful and soul captivating music, be it his foot tapping number 'Kadhal Website' from Dheena or his hypnotizing songs from Nandhaa. Know about his love, his style, and his rhythm; know how his passion for music turned out to be a profession. Get into the groove with Yuvan Shankar Raja at his interview with during his celebrity chat.

Q: So how did your first offer to score music for a film come up? How did happen?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: I was just whiling away time with my friends, doing nothing in particular till I was sixteen when my mom thought I should work on some album. During my school days I used to participate in cultural programs. So I started working on the album and in the mean time the director of the movie 'Aravindhan' heard one of my songs and suggested that I do soundtrack for the trailer of his movie starring by Mr Sarath Kumar and produced by T.Siva. So I worked on that project and everyone was impressed with my work. After my Dad gave the final nod, bingo, there I was making my debut as a music director.

Q: When you composed music for your first film was it a let me give-it-a-shot kind of a try or was it a serious decision of changing your passion into profession?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: Yes, when I started my project I considered it, as a profession and I did not realize it much then.

Q: When you went about working on the music for your first film, did you already have tunes in mind or was it only after you had signed up, you started from scratch on the music of the film?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: Yes, I started from the scratch except one of the songs, which was already composed.

Q: Do you remember your first day officially as a music director? Were you thrilled, excited, nervous…? How did you feel? Which is the first song you scored music for and which is your favorite song in your composition till to date?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: Yes, on the stage for Pooja I was very nervous and on seeing the very huge audience. The first song I composed was 'All the best' and my favorite song till date is 'Idhu Kadhala' from 'Thulluvathum Illamai'.

Q: Apart from the fact music is genetic your family, whom else do you attribute your inspiration point for you to enter the music world?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: I used to get inspired by some songs and would try to some number like them but now I don't get inspired by any thing.

Q: Coming from a family of music directors did you feel challenged? Being the Maestro's offspring and Karthik Raja's brother did you initially feel pressurized by great expectations that surrounded you then?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: Yes, I had great pressure in me, which I have to live up to, the people's expectation and I felt it as a challenge.

Q: For any music director who tries to make his debut, it is very difficult to set the trend because your Dad has covered such a wide area in the music spectrum, but you were able to justify your style of music with a touch of youthfulness and spunk to your composition? Was it a deliberate attempt or was it just a reflection of your age in your music?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: It's basically like this, mostly my songs are not for the highly musically analytical kind. I want to cover the youngster's mind though projects like Nandha was aimed at a more mature audience. But most of my songs are for the average youth.

Q: Though the score for your initial films were more on the trendy & vibrant side, your composition for Nandhaa was quite different; it was more of a heavy and soul-reaching kind. Was it because of the subject and theme of the film or your exploration into a different level of music?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: Basically I scored music for the script and the story needed such a heavy music. I wanted to show my new styles, which I had experimented with. My songs are usually beat oriented. I thought of doing something different in the movie Nandha and so I did.

Q: Do you feel the way the script and scene is being narrated to a music director plays an important role in his music composition in a film?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: Yes, of course, the scenes and script plays an important role and I have to get inspired to give my best.

Q: Do you compose music for lyrics or vice-versa? Or is it a mix n match of both?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: Yes, it's a mix and match of both and it also depends on the situation of the scene.

Q: At any point of time did you get tired of people judging you as Ilayaraja's son, basically when they put you under his shadow and not as Yuvan Shankar Raja?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: I didn't see tired at all and I am known for what I am and at same time people expect from me much what the should and could, after all knowing about my father's talent and no one could change the fact that I am his son.

Q: What are the next films in hand you are right now scoring the music for?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: My forthcoming projects are Lovers, Popcarn, Winner, Enna Sollapogirai, Junior Senior, Colombus, one untitled Telugu Song. Thiruda, April Mathathil,and more to come.

Q: When do you think you will come full circle in the field of music? What is it that you do would give you that sense of achievement of a lifetime?

Yuvan Shankar Raja: I am mostly involved in this field and my dream was to work on an international project and that will happen soon.


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