It was a good year for Yuvan Shankar Raja

It has been a dream run for Yuvan Shankar Raja in 2010. Songs from four out of the eight films for which he composed music this year feature among the top 10 chartbusters of the year. It is a unique feat by any yardstick. In an exclusive interview, Yuvan opens up...

You have been constantly churning out chartbusters this year. Four of the films — Paiyaa, Naan Mahaan Alla, Baana Kaathadi and Boss Engira Bhaskaran — feature in 2010's Top 10.

(Smiles) It was a good year for me. To be honest, whenever I work hard, I don't expect anything; it just happens I had a breezy year and I will say it's all due to God's blessings.

But what's your favourite album among these four?

I like all my albums; so, picking a favourite is difficult. Still, I enjoy the song Iragai Pole... the most.

People in the industry say that you understand the pulse of today's youth...

(Laughs) My passion in life is music. I just enjoy creating music. First and foremost, the tune I create should strike a chord with me. In most cases, I have found that people also fall in love with the song that is my favourite.

They call you the hit factory. Don't you feel that you are too prolific as you have done eight films this year?

I've learnt from my dad that music is like breathing. Creating tunes is a natural process. Next year, I might probably have a dozen releases.

How do you choose a project?

My comfort level with the director is important. I have a set of directors like Venkat Prabhu and Vishnu Vardhan with whom I have a good rapport. This has resulted in good music.

The producer of your latest film, Pathinaru, has put you on the posters of the film. Are you planning to turn a hero?

No way, I'm happy being just a composer. I like my music to speak rather than seeing my posters pasted all over town. As far as the audio of Pathinaru is concerned, I finished the album eight months back. Probably they are just trying to promote the film. My anna, Karthik Raja, has sung a solo song for me for the first time.

You have recently tweeted that you are doing Selvaraghavan's new film...

It's nice to be back with Selva. I will be doing Selva's new project for which he is shooting at the moment with Dhanush and Andrea. It has been titled Erandam Ulagam. It's a pure love story made on a different note.

What next?

I'm doing a live concert in my home town (Chennai) on January 16. I promise you it will be a musical treat for my fans. We will have Bollywood singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghosal, Javed Ali and all the big singers from the Tamil film industry performing on the show. Several actors, including my buddy Simbu, have promised to take part in the show which will be telecast in a leading channel.

I have just shot a music video with Vishnu Vardhan and Nirav Shah as a promo for the concert.

Any New Year resolutions?

I love to dream big. I want to step into Hollywood in 2011, and I'm working towards that.

How long do you plan to remain single?

I'm thinking of getting married next year. But don't jump to conclusions. For the record, I'm not seeing anybody!


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