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Billa 2 is like James Bond - Yuvan Shankar Raja TOI
The biggest challenge for a composer, especially if he has been part of an extremely successful film, is to come up with something even better for its follow-up. This stands true in the case of Yuvan Shankar Raja, who came up with an energetic score for Billa, and has now composed for its prequel Billa II. But Yuvan says that his approach to this project wasn't any different.

"I always go with my instinct with whatever film I'm working on. The Billa films are essentially gangster flicks and club songs and item numbers are what you naturally associate with such films. I have done the same but I have taken care to ensure that the film has a sound that is fresh but evocative of the original film at the same time," he says. Interestingly, the composer's personal favourite is the the sole melody Idhayam..., sung by Bollywood singer Shweta Pandit.

The theme music of Billa has been one of the most popular musical themes in recent times but Yuvan admits that his decision to recreate the same theme has not gone down well with some fans. "Some tweeted me asking why I had retained the same theme. But I see the films as a franchise similar to the James Bond films. So, even if there is a Billa III down the line, I will use this theme as it is symbolic of that character," justifies the composer.

According to Ashok Parwani of Sony Music, over one lakh CDs of the film have been sold until now. However, Yuvan admits that he is aware of the negative reviews but puts them to the fact that it is mostly because the sound is new. "People always lap up tunes that are familiar. So, when you suddenly give them something very new and different, they initially might not take to it. But, now, a couple of weeks after the music release, I have got fans who had initially told me that they were disappointed getting back to say that they were wrong."

Yuvan Shankar Raja Newspaper Article on 30-05-2012


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