Five by Four - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Five by Four English Movie - Yuvan Shankar Raja
Banner:National Film Development Corporation
Cast:Carey Edwards, Divya Darshini, Usha, Eashwar, Hardeep Minhas, Preetha, Sapna, Sujata Panju, Venkat
Directed By:Roopa Swaminathan
Produced By:National Film Development Corporation
Music By:Yuvan Shankar Raja
Story By:Roopa Swaminathan
Screenplay By:Roopa Swaminathan
Written By:Roopa Swaminathan
Cinematography:Ravi Verman
Edited By:Satheesh, Harsha
Lyrics By:-

Five By Four is the story of five women. All smart, intelligent and very aware.The film is laid out like a novel; it has a prologue, main story and epilogue. An intimate group of five girls embark on the different paths of their lives after college but remain steadfast friends. Their stories are told in a series of four episodic stories, over the course of ten years: Shruti meets a stranger and must decide if she believes in love at first sight; Namita and Meera are best friends and business partners, who get caught in a love triangle with their mutual friend, Nayan; Aishwarya struggles to believe that love and happiness are within her reach in spite of her unfortunate past; Shikha moves to America for work and is caught between cultural identities, but decides only to marry on her own terms. With this film, filmmaker Roopa Swaminathan aims to experiment with and specialize in alternative story structures. Swaminathan went on to write about her experience making “Five by Four” in her national award winning book, “Stardust”.

Five by Four - Yuvan
Five by Four

Movie was screened in Festivals: 

Shanghai International Film Festival;
Chennai International Film Festival;
Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival;
Ashdod International Film Festival.

Director Talks about her movie, I wrote and directed "Five by Four" for NFDC in 2003. National Film Development Corporation (or NFDC) is India's premier state-run venture capital company for the film industry.  Every time I see this poster, I’m filled with a tremendous sense of pride and hope.  Pride because I was able to write and direct a movie just in 40 lakhs Indian Rupees (which is 100K USD)!  Pride because my movie has been shown at  the Shanghai Film Festival, the Writer’s Market at Santa Monica and many others.  Pride because I was able to attract the best of talent in the Indian film industry to work on my film viz. Ravi Varman (Cinematographer),  and Yuvan Shankar Raja (Music Director).  Hope because, being produced using state-of-the-art technology, my movie can be screened in multiple formats.  Hope because it's readily available for international release.

Five by Four
Five by Four

Hindu Published on their Newspaper

IT HAS become a trend now to narrate the life stories of teenage boys and girls.  If the recently released `Aayitha Ezuthu' is about boys `Five By Four' provide the girls' perspective.

The National Film Development Corporation Limited (NFDC) has produced the English version of `Five By Four' directed by Roopa Swaminathan. The Regional Manager, Mr. D. Ramakrishnan says the film has been selected for the forthcoming Shanghai International film festival, which is to held on the month of June 2004.

The story is based on five graduates and their different life styles.  The film opens with all the five girls namely Shruthi, Namita, Meera, Shikha and Aishwarya.

Director Roopa Swaminathan says: "After getting their degree certificate, they all sit together and discuss their life. They promise to reunite after ten years. I have broken the story into four small stories. Each part of the story deals with each of the girls. As the story flows, each of the girls take turns at becoming the protagonist, while the others play support roles. In the end, all the girls unite for their reunion and this acts as a collective climax to all the four stories."

The entire film was shot in Tamil Nadu.  The music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja and photography by Ravi Verman. The whole film was shot in 18 days as all the lead players had rehearsed their scene with their co-artists for nearly three months.

With the National Film Development Corporation's `Five by Four' directed by Roopa Swaminathan and Bala's `Pithamagan' also lined up for Sunday in chennai festival, it was a tough choice for movie buffs.  "I cannot believe I am sharing the day with Bala and Adoor, people I respect so much," said the debutant director, Roopa, currently away in Pune.

Hindu Another Article Says:

"FIVE BY Four," a film in English produced by the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and written and directed by Roopa Swaminathan has been selected for being screened in the Panorama Section of the 7th Shanghai Film Festival, which begins on June 6. It is a story of five young women who set out into the world after graduation, with mixed feelings of confidence, apprehension, hope and happiness. With music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematography by Ravivarman, the cast of "Five by Four" includes VJs Cary Edwards, Sapna and Usha and small screen artistes Venkat, Preetha and Divyadarshini. The film is scheduled for release this month (June 2004).



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