Mankatha Music Review - "Eureka" - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Mankatha Music Review - Yuvan Shankar Raja
This is what the fans of Thala Ajith would cheer when they received the Audio CD of Mankatha. There has been more hype on the expectations of the album release and the golden moment has come in handy finally. The hot temper on the album launch has been due to the impact made by the single track released few months ago. More over, Yuvan has taken much strain and has infused his utmost strength to match the greatness of Thala’s movie. Also on the record was that Ajith is very particular about this movie, which happens to be his 50th movie in his career. Songs are penned by veteran lyricist Vaali, Gangai Amaran .

The playback singers have rendered some exquisite voices to peak the songs for a very long time on the air. If we bet on the range of the songs’ outcome, it is sure then that Ajith – Venkat Prabu- Yuvan trio is all set to leave an unmatched movie galore for the audience this year. Yes, it will certainly happen and it would be no wonder as Ajith always has an edge over others- except his destiny. But now the stars have started showering their bliss to him. Thala, Nimiramattume theriyum.

The songs review for the album is here:

01 – Vilayadu Mankatha

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran, Sucharitha (Hindi), Yuvan Shankar Raja (English)
Playback: Anitha, Premgi Amaren, Ranjith, Suchitra, Yuvan Shankar Raja

This song, the scratch of the single does not need any special mention. Already it has created great sensation among the listeners. Only thing is that this comes as the preclude to the album and we are not enthused to listen this first. To note the difference in lingual rendition, Sucharitha has sung the Hindi diction on her own while Yuvan has eased with the English diction.

02 – Nee Naan

Lyrics: Niranjan Bharathi
Playback: Bhavadharani, S.P.B. Charan

As Venkat Prabu mentioned earlier, the film has come off from the family crew – Himself, Yuvan, Bhavatharini and SPB Charan. One who is conscious of voice rendition can now recollect the song Mayil Pola Ponnu and Katril Varum Geethame, by Bhavatharini under her dad’s composition. After that spell, now this lady has voiced this song with the shrill rendition from SPB Charan. Yuvan is very keen on infusing the melody to reap the audience and he succeeds in this attempt. A very chordial song indeed.

03 – Vaada Bin Laada

Lyrics: Vaali
Playback: Krish, Suchitra

If it is Vaali then there should be some significance in the song. This song is especially crafted by Yuvan for hitting the fanatic lovers of Thala. It would be worth if remember Nethu Rathiri Amma from Kamal starrer Sakalakala Vallavan. Or it could be on the lines of Masi Masam Aalana from Rajni movie. But the voices are quite amazing that both Krish and Suchitra are indeed penetrating in the pitch variations. The modulations of their voices are duly orchestrated by the perfection from Yuvan. In this connection, he seems to have acquired his dad’s efficiency of recording. You can deem it as a bloomy remix or the item that could make us tap the foot. But this song has something to kindle our heart.

04 – Machi Open The Bottle

Lyrics: Vaali
Playback: Haricharan, Mano, Naveen, Premji, Tippu

If Saroja Saman Nikalo is the worth number in Chennai 600 028, this song is unique and exclusive for Mankatha rhymes. Or even it could be another sequel to Kodana Kodi in Saroja or Vethalaia Pottendi in Billa. This song is sure to create thunderous applause in the visual effects on the screens. Vaali has gone to the extreme youth in his choice of words for this song. The combination of voices from Mano, Tippu, Premji, Naveen and Haricharan is quite enthusiastic. The song is timely as the seasons are ahead for temple festivals and marriages in coming days. More so, the FM channels will find it difficult to combat the listeners’ choice numbers.

05 – Nanbane

Lyrics: Vaali
Playback: Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raja

In tune with the fashion of Yuvan to sing the soft paced song and he has found the niche from Paiya and Naan Mahan Alla. He has polished his voice for this song and the combination from Madhushree makes it very very plumy. The icing voices of these two singers are spread over the entire tune thanks to the genteel words from Vaali. In our count this should top the number in the album and the listings among other songs too. One can easily derive romance after giving ear to this song. Thanks to Yuvan and Vaali for making many youths to go on rampage for romance.

06 – Balle Lakka

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran
Playback: Karthik, Vijay Yesudas, Anusha Dhayanidhi

Another Balle Lakka after Chandramuki. This is a compliment to the producer as Yuvan has shortened the instrumentation to focus more on the voices of debutant singer Anuska (Dayanidhi Alagiri’s wife). What is disappointing is that Vijay Jesudoss and Karthik have been used least extent in this song. Who can beat the song Kanpesum Varthaigal (Karthik) and Sevalkodi Parakkudada (Billa2 by Vijay Jesudoss).

07 – Vilayadu Mankatha (Extended Dance Mix)

Lyrics: Gangai Amaran, Sucharitha (Hindi), Yuvan Shankar Raja (English)
Playback: Anitha , Premgi Amaren , Ranjith , Suchitra , Yuvan Shankar Raja

The peppy tune for the party hours and the spirit is slowed down for reasons unknown. Only Venkat Prabu should unveil the mystery in the movie. Just for a repetition, this track is filled in the spaces of the album.

08 – Mankatha Theme Music – Instrumental

When we talk about the movies in general, we look for the theme or the story. For music, it is sure that the theme music should convey the full film’s strait. This happens at the most extended level in this theme music. It all started when Yuvan scored the theme for the same Ajith starrer Billa and the instant recognition from the audience. Now the liability for Yuvan has increased and is quite natural that he should come out with the very best. Yes, he has done it now. The instrumentation and orchestration of this theme music is quite fantastic that the quality of the sound means it. There could be premium offers of this theme music for the mobile ringtones and caller tones. The rest of the season will talk about Mankatha songs until its magic is shadowed by its movie itself.


A very good menu chord in the album and we can feast our ears and mind wishfully. Yuvan seems to have made his priority on the movie since his Billa album peeped through the windows of all centres. With popular voices including his dad Gangai Amaran, Haricharan, Vijay Jesudoss the composer Yuvan has justified his delay in unfolding the wrapper of this album. Ajith should be praised for his patience in this regard as he always has a desire for perfection. We believe that Ajith would receive due reward for doing this project thereby cleansing the clouds which hung over his earlier tenure of career.


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