Aaranya Kaandam Music Review

Aaranya Kaandam is a Yuvan Shankar Raja Musical. This film cannot be what it is without this score. The background score is intrinsically woven into the design of the visual narrative. The film throws up a challenge for a composer and Yuvan Shankar Raja lives totally up to it and How! I do not remember the last time I heard so many different genres of music in the background score of one film (Thiruda Thiruda?). And yet none of them sounds alien to the film’s universe. There are distinct themes for all principal characters of the film. The themes do not undergo many variations through the course of the film, but recur aptly at the right moments. However, the main theme of the film is a Chord and not any melody. Yuvan Shankar Raja is in a hugely exciting phase of his career. He is the only composer in Tamil Cinema now, whom all kind of filmmakers approach for all kinds of films (low or a high budget, stars or no stars, commercial or art). He cleverly caters to each of their demands in the way they ought to be. Now, for Aaranya Kaandam score, Yuvan Shankar Raaja, Take a Bow and release the Soundtrack CD as you promised me on twitter.


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