Praveen Editor of Mankatha About Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan is the musician for all of Venkat Prabhu’s movies. Besides, I have also worked with Yuvan in many other movies. I share a good rapport with Yuvan so if we need an extended score for a song or any other visuals, he will always oblige. For instance, for the ‘Machi Bottle’ in Mankatha I felt if there is an extended portion since Ajith’s dance and Yuvan’s music was so much in sync it would be nice to extend the song a little bit. When I expressed Yuvan this interest, he immediately said yes.

Whenever I edit, I do that with music to get a sense of rhythm and particular pacing of a scene. So when I show the edited portions to Yuvan, it’s with music. He enjoys it. And if he feels he has to watch it without the music, he will say so. He is totally cool and keeps improvising. The version of ‘Kodana Kodi’ he gave us when the song went for shoots is different from the one we received afterwards. I had to totally rework on the edits and when I asked him in exasperation, he said ‘please do the re-cuts; imagine the number of times I had to suffer because of your edits.’ He is fun to work with.


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