Lingusamy's Lucky Deal With Yuvan Shankar Raja - Latest News

The director spills the beans on how he got one of the season's best songs for his film...

It's a song that was on everybody's lips well before the movie was out and continues to do so even today, long after the film has gone out of theatres. But, it is only now that the cat is out of the bag and the secret pertaining to the En Kadhal Solla... song from the hit Paiyaa has been disclosed.

The director of the film, Lingusamy, at a recent awards ceremony, after giving out an award for the song, said, "Actually, I have to disclose a secret pertaining to this song, which has turned out to be a chartbuster. This song was not originally composed for my film Paiyaa. When we were composing songs for this film, Yuvan disclosed that he also had composed some numbers for a private album which he intended to release soon. When I listened to the number, I was so impressed by it that I immediately requested Yuvan to give me the song. Yuvan, very graciously, agreed."

The song, apparently, played a substantial role in the film's success as its peppy tune like many other numbers in the film, got audiences interested. The film, which turned out to be one of Karthi's biggest hits, also got dubbed in to several other languages.

No wonder then that people say that you can't plan for some good things in life. Luck seems to have been on Lingusamy's side indeed!


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