Pudhukottaiyilirundhu Saravanan - Movie Review

Pudhukottaiyil Irundhu Saravanan is Kollywood`s answer to Quentin Tarantino. Well yeah now that I said it curse be upon me. I had great expectations from this movie with all the hype surrounding it, but now I regret having seen the movie. I would also like to add that I watched his first two movies (Thulluvatho Illamai and Kadhal Konden) twice. Thiruda Thirudi was a damp squib though but that failed to prevent me from watching this movie. 

To be frank I still think he is a great actor with tremendous potential. He is especially good in the action and dance sequences where my sweet heart Maddy aka Madhavan fails miserably. Last but not least Dhanush’s double entendres never cease to amaze me. 

Let me get on the track. This movie could very well be avoided. None of the factors that made Dhanush’s first two movies runaway hits were present in this movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja however has done his best in this movie and has churned out some good songs that keep our feet tapping. Check out ’’Pudhu Kadhal’’ and ’’Malargale’’ songs. Those two are my favorites. If not for the songs this movie would have been similar to one of those low budget movies. 

Dhanush’s parents manage to send him to Singapore after having gone through a severe financial drought thinking that he would pay off all their debts as soon as he lands in Singapore. But little do they know that their son would be charged for murder there. Dhanush is now on the run. As if this weren't enough he now has to shoulder the additional responsibility of getting the heroine Aparna (who is being chased by her uncle’s enemies) back safely to her family in India. He is promised a hefty sum in return for this. And there begins their journey. They decide to travel from Singapore to India by road via Malaysia, Thailand and Burma. How they manage to do this forms the rest of the story. 

Dhanush has performed well in this movie with his sarcastic tone and martial arts tricks, though the movie didnt offer him much scope. The heroine Aparna on the other hand who starts off as a clone of Eminem with her hands swinging all over the place turns out to be a misfit here. I kinda feel she wont have offers pouring at her door step with a performance akin to this. 

Some people here might have different opinions about the heroine but again this is just my opinion and I dont care what others have to say about her. On the whole the movie was a letdown.


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